Conditional Inpainting

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This post details broadly my plan with regards to the deep learning class project for IFT6266. It will be updated as the project evolves. The GitHub repository with all source code can be found here.

For a description of the IFT6266 class project, refer to the description on the course blog here.

Goal of the project in broader terms


  1. Start by only making the generative CNN without any caption (link to post)

    • CNN will ‘encode’ in some way the contour
    • at which point a decoder/generator will take that and generate
  2. Train DCGAN on dataset (link to post)

  3. Reconstruct images using pre-trained GAN (link to post)

  4. Add the captions to model as additional input (part 1, part 2)

Improvements made along the way

Preprocess the data to get faster access rather than loading a batch each time (link to post).


Final thoughts on this project can be found at this link.

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